1 – What is self-storage for individuals?

Self-storage for individuals is the renting of a private and secure space in which the customer can store material, goods and personal objects on a short- or long-term basis.

 It meets a need for extra space and the need to store goods at any time and in different situations.


2 – Which situations require self-storage?

Be it on a short- or long-term basis, self-storage for individuals is an easy, quick and efficient solution that offers flexibility to its customers.

Self-storage for individuals concerns you if you wish to:

  • secure goods (of monetary and/or sentimental value)
  • store furniture during a move or during a change of residence
  • store furniture during renovation or construction works in your home
  • leave your goods in a safe place while travelling
  • store (small or large) sports equipment: kayaks, mountain equipment, etc.
  • keep large quantities of documents or data
  • keep products or goods at a constant temperature (art works, books, clothes, etc.)


3 – What are the factors to be taken into account?

Depending on your needs, different factors have to be taken into account: first of all of course the size of the storage unit as well as the rental rate, but also accessibility (e.g. if you have to handle large objects), temperature or proximity of the storage unit (if you frequently need to access it), etc.


Our team of professionals will advise you according to your specific needs in order for you to obtain the ideal storage solution. The result: a customized service for an optimal use of your storage space.



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