1 – What is commercial self-storage?

Commercial self-storage (or self-storage for businesses) is the renting of a space in order to easily store hardware or material.

 It is an ideal self-service storage solution that meets a need for space, be it for large organisations, small businesses or freelancers.


2 – Which activities require self-storage?

Be it to store goods, seasonal or annual inventory or to archive documents... almost all professional sectors require the storing of goods.

 Commercial self-storage is flexible and secure and its self-service allows you to:

  • manage your hardware supplies (to avoid stock depletion)
  • organise shipping and deliveries in a simple and functional way
  • decrease your costs for storage of material and equipment
  • simplify storage (your stock will be in one place)
  • archive commercial documents and/or marketing material
  • keep products at a constant temperature (clothes, archives, etc.)


3 - What are the factors to be taken into account?

Depending on your needs, different factors have to be taken into account: first of all of course the size of the storage unit as well as the rental rate, but also proximity and accessibility (especially if you frequently need to access your storage unit) or temperature of the storage unit (for goods that need to be stored at a certain temperature all year long), etc.

 Our team of professionals will advise you according to your specific needs in order for you to obtain the ideal storage solution. The result: a customized service for an optimal use of your storage space.

4 - Parcel reception

We are happy to receive your parcels and will notify you as soon as they arrive

This service is only available at our storage facility in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne.



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