1 – How to apply for a lease?

Nothing’s easier! Just go to the storage facility of your choice during opening hours and don’t forget to bring your ID and a means of payment (for the first month of location). If you wish to rent a storage unit in the name of a business, please bring a copy of the entry in the Commercial Register.


2 – What are the payment terms?

The first month has to be paid on the day you sign the lease. For the next months you will receive an invoice around the 25th of the previous month, which needs to be paid by the 1st day of the month of location come. Example: On the 25th of February you will receive the invoice for the month of March, which has to be paid by the 1st of March.


3 – How do I change my mailing address?

Send us an email or call us during business hours. Your address will be changed instantly!


4 – How do I cancel my lease?

That’s easy! Just send us an e-mail or fill out the cancellation form and your cancellation will be taken into account upon receipt (you will receive a confirmation e-mail). To terminate your contract, count in a notice period of 15 days  before the end of the current month.

Example: A cancellation request from the 15th of March will be effective on the 31st of March while a request made on the 20th of March will be effective on the 30th of April.


1 – Can I access my storage unit at all times?

 You can access your storage unit daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Depending on the storage facility, we can also grant you extended accessibility on request.


2 – How do I rent an extra storage unit?

 It works the same way as renting your first storage unit. It is however not necessary to provide ID or a copy of the registration from the Commercial Register.


3 – Can I switch storage units?

 Yes, you can switch storage units at all times. Just go to your deposit during business hours and inform the person on site. They will then make the necessary arrangements.


1 – How and at what times can I contact easystock?

You can contact us anytime by email, and during opening hours by phone. We will process your request as soon as possible.  

In emergencies please leave us a message on the answering machine.

Western Switzerland :

German-speaking Switzerland :


2 – What are the opening hours ?


  • Monday to Friday            13h30 – 18h30


  • Monday to Friday             9h00 – 12h00     et    13h30 – 18h30
  • Saturday                            9h00 – 12h00

Le Mont sur Lausanne

  • Monday to Friday             9h00 – 12h00     et    13h30 – 18h30
  • Saturday                            9h00 – 12h00


  • Monday to Friday             9h00 – 12h00     et    13h30 – 18h30
  • Saturday                            9h00 – 12h00

How to choose the perfect storage unit

Do you need help choosing the right size of your storage unit? A simple and quick way to get an idea is to use the storage calculator. It helps you estimate the size of your ideal storage unit. However, you can also visit us in one of our storage facilities and we will gladly advice you on the choice of your storage unit